1.3 MPIXELS, 120 fps for only 500 grams! 




THIRD EYE is equipped with a miniaturized crystal-clear industrial camera and led-based ring light. Interchangeable lenses, crystal-clear HD picture, high-quality focus, flat 140° dimmable leds, 120 fps... 

All for 50 grams!



Based on Alkymia's patented design (an innovative-shaped helmet made out of carbon and glass fiber, with hand-made padding and a weight of less than 450 grams), THIRD EYE is the most comfortable head-mounted system ever designed...

With a haute couture's sensibility! 


Using our micro video recorder, Wi-Fi triggered, you can multiply the number
of units without dealing with sweat.
With an internal capacity of 24 hours
of raw capture, a hot-swappable battery and a weight of 500 grams...

Your only problem is to make sure performers don't leave the stage with it! 


Before going to market, THIRD EYE survived the most challenging European Motion Capture movie ever produced, "Why I did not eat my father", starring Jamel Debbouze: 45 days of intensive shooting and ZERO dropped frame.

Watch the trailer on the official movie site!